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Thank you for doing what you truly love and inspiring others
to live their life to the fullest.

I support independent women like you to embody your passion and visions
by transforming your business into a more engaging and attractive brand so that you can connect and work with your dream clients who truly desire your valuable services and products. 

Marble Surface

Who is benefitting from my branding sessions?

  • therapists (most often)

  • artists

  • coaches

  • instructors

  • bloggers

  • shop owners

  • spa owners

  • boutique hotel owners

  • other passionate business owners

Successful branding will help you to...

Attract the accurate clientele
for your brand

Deliver clearly your brand's

vision and messages

Grow Your 

Average Sales Per Client

and Expand Your Business



Fitness and wellness instructor

It was very important to me to have a set of professional and quality photographs that would transfer my energy. Yukari with sensitivity, pleasantness and a professional eye helped me to get relaxed and the results were stunning. The photos are used on my website, in my posts on social networks and in the promotion of my digital products.
Very happy with my choice of Yukari

Now I have great pictures that serve me on my website as well as on the landing page and other publications.
What I remember best was the experience of co-creating, it was a real pleasure to work together. Her approach, gentleness and patience were beyond all expectations...

Highly recommended.

Noam & Baz
Water Therapists


personal pilates coach

The images turned out

amazing and professional.
They are aesthetic and artistic, Yukari arranged the space in such a way that conveys the message clearly which helped me a lot in terms of marketing.
The pictures are pleasant. Inviting. Expressing exactly what I intended;

a sense of cleanliness. Warmth. Intimacy. Professionalism hits exactly the target, highly recommend it.


Pilates instructor and
personal trainer

I have been a ceramic artist for the past fifty years, I hired Yukari for marketing purposes and it turned out to be much more than I thought and expected.
She is thorough, honest, reliable, accurate, and charming, what more can a customer look for?
I recommend not to miss the opportunity to work with her, that is a great experience in itself and also solves problems gently that arise in the work process with a clear and directed mind.

Ceramic Artist 

I'm so glad I chose Yukari to photograph me for the branding images of Red Rabbit Studio.
She captured me just as I wanted to be captured; professional, humane, and accessible.
She is a talented and professional photographer, with a keen eye for the small details. It was a pleasure to be photographed by you and hope to work with her again on future projects.

Interior Designer 

Session Menu


The Transformation Session / 3300NIS

1 on 1 consultation for (re)building your brand & styling (1 hour | in person / online / phone)

{We'll go over your website / SNS / physical storefront

together and figure out how we can brush up on your branding}

up to 3h photo shooting session with Yukari

UNLIMITED∞ retouched images with a full usage license

Custom brand board for your branding

The Embodying Session / 2200NIS

1 on 1 consultation for (re)building your brand & styling  (1 hour | in person / online / phone)

up to 2h photo shooting session

70+ retouched portraits with a full usage license


The Starter Session / 1500NIS

Styling consultation (15 mins | online / phone)

up to 1.5h photo shooting session

40+ retouched portraits with a full usage license

1hour photo session / 1000NIS

20+ retouched portraits with a full usage license

1 on 1 consultation for (re)building your brand & styling / 300NIS

(1 hour | in person / online / phone )


Behind the camera


Yukari J. Akimoto | 秋元 ゆかり

4th generation portrait photographer and designer - a visual storyteller

Born and raised in Japan,

moved to Israel in 2011 after traveling the globe.

A mother of a cute 7year old girl

 A surviver of emotional abuse and depression

and passionate about the journey towards pure consciousness.

We'll be the best match if you love

natural / boho / feminine / modern style.

*EN / HB / JP

  • Can I show you some inspo that I found on Instagram/Pinterest?
    Of course! I'd love to see what you love and inspires you. Please prepare it before the consultation and we can discuss how we can achieve your dream portraits.
  • What can I expect from the branding consultation?
    You can expect from the consultation: to get to know each other better (I'd love to hear your stories and get to know you and your business better!). To get clarity about your branding direction. To understand your business' strengths and how to differentiate from other businesses. To know what to focus on and where to improve. To gain a common understanding about your expectations, your ideal aesthetics and to work together to create the perfect concept for your shoot e.g. deciding location and styling.
  • Can you photograph me with my clients?
    Of course! It's very recommended. Firstly I'll photograph only you (and your business partner if you have one), then I'll take atmospheric photographs with your clients and/or with your physical products. If you're a therapist, I recommend you arrange one or two clients in advance who will appeal to your dream/ideal clients in the future (please make sure to get written permmission). Usually my clients offer them a complimentary session in compensation for being a model. If you have a business working with groups then you can set a day for shooting with clients who'd like to be photographed.
  • Can you photograph my physical products as well?
    Absolutely! If you're looking for more than a boring product shot with a white background, you're in the right place. I can create for you beautifully styled images with an aesthetically fitting atmosphere that suits your brand and evokes your potential clients' desire to purchase your products. If you have only up to 3 products, we may shoot during the session without additional charge. If you have more than 3 products, you can hire me per hour at 550NIS
  • What are your travel expenses?
    You can choose your favorite location! At your home, the beaches, in the nature... the possibility is unlimited. Travel expenses will be applied depending on how far the location is from Pardes Hanna Pardes Hanna karkur - FREE Hadera, Zichron area - 70NIS Netaniya, Haifa area - 120NIS Tel Aviv, the Northern area - 200NIS I also travel internationally, please ask for furthur questions.
  • What is your payment and cancellation policy?
    For all portrait sessions; a non-refundable session retainer (700NIS) is required to book and hold the date for your session and also serves as a cancellation fee. However, the fee can be credited towards a future session upon the photographers approval. All remaining balances are due one week prior to the consultation. All sessions and packages can be paid via cash, check, Visa, MasterCard or USDT. For portrait sessions, client forfeits their session retainer paid in advance to book the session. As previously stated, the fee can be credited towards a future session if the client reschedules the appointment by calling 48-72 hours prior to the date of session and re-booking at an agreeable date and time. If the clients reschedule less than 48 hours to the photography session, a new non-refundable session retainer (700NIS) will be charged.
  • I don't know what to wear!
    Don't worry! In the consultation we'll discuss your ideal style together which will enhance your branding and decide on outfits in advance.

Are you ready to connect with your dream clients and expand your business?

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